Meet the Dream-Team

Beau McKee


Lead Production Engineer / Studio Operations


Many will know Melbourne-based producer/engineer Beau McKee from his drumming with Australian progressive rock oddballs Closure In Moscow on their solid first outing, ‘The Penance and the Patience‘ EP (2008), as well as their fantastic debut LP, the modern-day classic, ‘First Temple‘ (2009). Others will know the man’s work from his name appearing in the credits and liner notes for his in-studio and behind-the-boards work for releases from Earth CallerChristopher Dicker (ex-House Vs. Hurricane), Oceans InsideBetween You & Me, and many more. And even a few may know him still from teaching at Melbourne’s own prestigious audio-school, Abbey Road Institute.

Under the Delos moniker, the Aussie producer succeeds in creating sprawling and sparkling synthwave sounds over a wonderful four-track EP. While McKee was building up his new studio up in the hills outside of Melbourne like the nature-lover he is, the fresh-air environment around him, plus with the sheer nostalgic of synthwave music becoming popular again, all helped spawn song ideas for what would become his debut EP under DELOS.

Beau has travelled the world and has had many fortunate experiences. Session drumming for Artist Sky Ferreira on a short run Australian tour in 2014 from the Miley Cyrus world “Bangers” tour. He has also had the opportunity to work alongside several Top tier recording Engineers whilst abroad, enabling him to gain extensive industry knowledge and experience.

Beau has obsessively delved into Engineering, mixing and mastering projects which has gained him attention both nationally and internationally for his ears and production techniques. With the advent of boutique audio recording and niche sounds, Beau is comfortable recording a wide range of genres, consistently providing artists with an exceptional final product. With over a decade of musical experience up his sleeve, Beau has quickly become one of the most prominent engineer’s in today’s musical landscape.

Every band Beau works with will be given access to his distinctive production style and techniques, in addition to his state of the art high-end equipment, which includes a large choice of Neumann style Microphones and both Neve and Classic API Preamps. Beau will only settle for the best performances and takes, he works closely with his artists in order to get the very best sound for their recording.

Fully equipped with acoustically engineered rooms, and access to some of Australia’s finest recording spaces, Beau aims for the ultimate sound for recording.


  • 10 Years Full time Australian Audio Producer, Mixing & Mastering (many years of chasing the dream!)

  • Lecturer at Abbey Road Institute - Studio Production & Protools

  • Specialises in Drums, Vocals, Synth, Bass & Guitar Production

  • Cert IV Small Business Management

  • Cert IV Training & Assessment

Kris Samos

Audio Producer / Live Sound Engineer / Production Assistant

Kris has been working in the music industry in Live Sound since 2009, but also as a Bassist with a good understanding for musicality, and capturing performances in the studio. Kris has assisted and ran sessions alongside Beau since 2014, but has been Audio Engineering in commercial facilities since 2011. Kris also produces his own clients here at Studio DELOS, and also assists in our larger projects and technical set ups.



  • Studio Production Engineer since 2011

  • Live Sound Engineering since 2009

  • Cert IV Music Industry

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