Recording, Production, Mixing & Mastering Services

We make great records, and here’s our space where we do the heavy lifting…


Beau is the man behind the new studio, DELOS. Also named after his 80’s soundscape inspired alter ego DELOS. This is Beau’s creation cave, but also where he produces, engineers, Mixes and Masters Singles, EP’s and Albums. Read the “About” section for more info!


Neve 1073LB & Classic API Preamps

Only the best preamps for capturing performances:

8 x Neve 1073LB
4 x CAPI Preamps with original API Design
1 x Shadow Hills Mono Gamma
8 x Profire Preamps


Channel Strips and Compression

1 x Avalon 737 Channel Strip
2 x Distressor Pair with British Mode

After 02.png

Acoustically Designed and Measured

We have acoustically designed and measured our recording space, to give us the most honest representation of our music, so we can make the best tones and adjustments possible. The studio is still in constant improvement, as we add more acoustic treatment, equipment and complete building our new live space


Apogee Symphony IO MKII

Mastering Grade Converters at the heart of Studio Delos. We use the best AD/DA conversion of any Thunderbolt audio interface, pristine channel conversion. Fully digital monitoring control allows for the most honest representation of any recording in our acoustically measured Recording space.


Guitar and Bass Gear worth a mention

Kemper Profiling Amplifier
Sansamp RBI
Darkglass Gear
Lots of other gear (can provide on request)
Looking for a special piece of gear? Hit us up


Wagner Vintage U47 Tube Microphone

Including Original VF12 Tube
Many other excellent high end Microphones for vocal, guitar and drum recordings

Listen to Our Works Below

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