Prices & Packages

Whatever the project, whatever the budget, we make recording packages to fit your needs.

We have complete packages to get your recording production completed to our high standards from start to finish.

Starting from our affordable recording space & mixing and mastering packages,
all the way to our Premium recording studio services in our state of the art studio facility.

We offer Engineering, Production, Mixing & Mastering with a basic outline of bundled prices, but we also understand that every project is unique. 

All our sessions will include wireless internet access + Lounge Area with Pool table and Kitchen. We also have tea, coffee and other munchies available to you.

Please give us as much detail and understanding of your project so we can give you a quote that would best suit you. Contact us for custom package rates (EP's, full album recording etc)


Premium Studio Recording packages -
Recording, Mixing & Mastering

We offer Premium Studio Rooms to Artists who demand the absolute best production and equipment. Along with Beau's Production skills, if you choose one of our premium Packages you will have Oaklands Premium Studio Live Room to use for your drum recording, and Piano tracking sessions:


All of our Regular Packages give you access to Beau McKee Recording's studio space at Oaklands  including Control Room B Mix Room, plus three additional spaces including  our Guitar Booth, Drum Booth and our premium Vocal Booth:


Mixing & Mastering Services

Mixing is an integral part in creating an amazing record. It is potentially the most crucial and significant process to take place on your songs. The mixing process involves controlling the balance of instruments and shaping the impact of each sound to guarantee your music will be nothing short of spectacular, while remaining unique. An overall enhancement with attention to detail will help bring out the best elements of your recording:


We provide Studio Recording services standalone! We can engineer your next record in our pristine high-end studio spaces. We capture your recording in our acoustically crafted studio rooms, using our high end equipment. We get your most vibing performances and bring out the the best in every take. Take your high fidelity sessions to a Mixing & Mastering Engineer of your choice. 

We do packaged bundles for Single, EP and album tracking, and for all other custom job requirements:

CUSTOM PROJECTS - Get a quote within 24 Hours
We also provide specific and custom quotes to suit your project. We provide services for:  - Voice over Recordings
- Post production audio work for TV, commercials & Documentaries
- Custom Mixing & Mastering Bundles
-  Audio Editing (Vocal Tuning, instrument editing, cleaning & repairing of audio files)