Mixing is an integral part in creating an amazing record. It is potentially the most crucial and significant process to take place on your songs. The mixing process involves controlling the balance of instruments and shaping the impact of each sound to guarantee your music will be nothing short of spectacular, while remaining unique. An overall enhancement with attention to detail will help bring out the best elements of your recording:

Not everyone is happy with the mix on their record, or lack the years of specialised expertise to undergo your own mixing and mastering. You are able to benefit from having Beau bring life back into your recorded sessions using only the best equipment in a purpose built acoustically designed room for Mixing & Mastering. 

Beau started writing, producing and mixing a wide variety of music genres from a young age, including pop, metal, progressive rock, alternative, electronica, indie and many more niche genres. Beau has both toured and worked with many reputable artists, producers & Engineers abroad which has allowed Beau to absorb industry knowledge from the finest.
If you choose to have your music mixed & mastered with Beau, you can be confident he will deliver a production that will impress, and will help you further your musical career -  bringing out your full potential.

General Mixing quote Each Song

$300 Each

Mastering Each Song


(Four Songs $150)

Custom Mixing & Mastering Packages are available and can be tailored to your specific needs.